How to edit site schedules

This is a step-by-step guide on how to edit site schedules.

Schedules are located at the site level and include a Start Time, End Time, and optional Unpaid Break which is automatically deducted from the hours of an absence/job. 

1. Navigate to Sites and click on a Site.

2. Click Configuration > Schedules > Edit Schedules.

3. Within the edit schedule modal, add, remove, and/or update the site schedules as needed then click Save.

Note: You can also separate the absence and substitute schedules by checking the Separate substitute schedule box and/or lock a schedule via the Lock checkbox.

4. You can verify the schedule(s) have been locked from the Configuration > Schedules page.

Note: Locked schedules only apply to absences entered by employees. Administrators will still be able to edit the start/end times if creating an absence on an employee's behalf. Here is an example of the absence creation experience for an employee when a schedule has been locked and the start/end times are no longer editable.

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