How to select different time formats in a custom report

This is a step-by-step guide on how to set the time format in a custom report.

1. Navigate to Reports > Custom Reports, then select a report.

2. Click Columns > Edit Columns.

3. Add any Timestamp fields to a report column and a Date checkbox will appear. Check the date box to populate the Date Format section below the corresponding field.

4. There are variety of time formats to choose from, all of which can be accessed via the Date formatting guidelinejust below the date field. If you do not select anything, Absence & Substitute will default to the format of MM-dd-yyyy.

5. For this example we will be adding the following format (1130) which is hhmm. Lower case h=hour and lower case m=minute, all of which are explained in the Date formatting guide. Click Save.

6. Click Show to verify the formatting is accepted.

7. Run and export the report to verify the timestamps are correct. How to run a custom report

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