How to add a payroll code and percentages to an employee profile

This is a step-by-step guide on how to apply payroll codes to employee profiles. 


The Payroll Code field is shared by the employee and absence reason levels of the ReadySub system. If a payroll code is present on the employee profile and no payroll code is present on the absence reason, ReadySub will add the employee payroll code(s) to the job. If the absence reason has a payroll code, ReadySub will add the absence reason payroll code to the job instead of the employee code so the correct source of funding can be processed.

1. Navigate to Users > Browse Users. Search or select the employee. 

2. From the profile click Settings > Payroll. Click the three dots and select Edit.

If you do not see a Payroll tab, contact support to add this setting to your organization.

3. Click + to add one or more codes. If multiple codes are needed, add Percentage for each code which must add up to 100%.

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