How to approve absences

This is a step-by-step guide on how to approve absences. There multiple paths for approving absences. This article will show how to approve absences from the Dashboard as well as the Browse Jobs page.

Approve absences from the Dashboard:

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Jobs Pending Approval > Actions > Approve Job.

Note: the Jobs Pending Approval tab only displays jobs pending approval for the selected date.

Approve absences from the Browse Jobs Page:

1. Navigate to Jobs > Browse Jobs.

2. Check the box to enable the Pending Approval filter, then click Actions > Approve Job.

Note: If your district has specified approvers enabled, selecting the Pending Approval filter may also display absences you cannot approve, as they are pending another administrator's approval. Instead, click the My Approvals tab to see a list of absences specifically pending your approval.

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