How to bulk lock/unlock jobs

This is a step-by-step guide to bulk lock/unlock jobs.

Note:  In order to bulk lock/unlock jobs, the System Job Id and Job Segment Id must be added to the custom job segment report that will be imported into Absence & Substitute to complete the bulk action. It is recommended that these fields be added to the report or reports that are being used for reconciling absences and jobs currently. 


1. Add the System Job ID and the Job Segment ID to a custom job segment report, and ensure the column names are Job ID and Job Segment ID.

2. Run and download the custom job segment report to the CSV file format.

3. Once the custom report has been downloaded, click the Jobs > Bulk Operations.

4. Select +New Operation.

5. Select Bulk Lock, click Next and upload your report. Click Next.

6. Bulk Lock the jobs and view the results.


1. Follow steps 1-4 above then select Bulk Unlock.

2. Bulk Unlock the jobs and view the results.

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