How to schedule a custom report

This is a step-by-step guide on how to schedule a custom report. In this example, we will set a daily jobs report to email every Monday at 7AM.

Note: Custom reports that were created before the release of this feature will need to be re-created to utilize report scheduling. For more information on creating a report, see How to create a custom report.

1. Navigate to Reports > Custom Reports and select the desired report (in this example, the Daily Jobs Report).

2. Navigate to Schedules > Create Schedule.

3. Enter a Schedule Name and click Create.

4. Click the three dots and click Delivery. Check the Email box, enter up to 10 emails and click Save.

5. Click the 3 dots and select Triggers > Add Trigger. Enter the Day of Week and Time of Day, then click Save.

6. Click the three dots and select Enable.

7. Confirm schedule and click Enable.

8. Email will be sent at the set time.

Note: A trigger must associated with the schedule to deliver a report. The example below has no trigger and will not run.


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