How to add attachments to an employee's profile

This is a step-by-step guide on how to add attachments to an employee's profile. Adding attachments allows you to include documents on the employee profile for easy access by administrators as well as the employee. Up to 10 attachments can be added to an employee's profile. Attachments can also optionally be synced to jobs, which if enabled will automatically attach them to every absence posted for that employee in the future and make them visible to substitutes there as well.

1. Navigate to Users > Browse Users, then select the employee.

2. Go to Settings > Attachments and click Add Attachment.

3. Click Select File to locate and upload the file from your computer. The File Name will automatically populate after upload. Click Save.

4. The attachment is now saved on the employee profile, where it can be accessed by the employee and other administrators.

5. To sync the attachment to all new absences for the employee, navigate to the three dots on the right and click Edit.

6. Click Sync to Jobs, then Save.

7. The attachment will now be included on all new absences posted by or for the employee.

Note: If Sync to Jobs is enabled, the attachment will be included on all of the employee's absences and be visible to substitutes. Do not enable Sync to Jobs for any attachment that should not be viewed by substitutes.

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