What are employee schedule overrides?

Employee schedules overrides allow employees to have absence schedules that are unique to them. By default, employees inherit the absence schedules from their sites but in the case where an employee has different schedules from the norm, an override can be set for any of the sites associated with their account. This helps reduce errors and ensures the appropriate amount of leave is deducted and the substitute is paid for the correct time worked.

In the following example, employee Riley has two sites (Harwood Elementary and Hawthorne Elementary) and by default, Riley has the schedules that were set for each site.

In the case where Riley requires unique schedules, an override can be set for any of her sites by clicking the Override Site Schedules button.

As part of an override, schedules can be added via the Add Schedule option, removed by clicking the corresponding "X", renamed, and/or the start time, end time, unpaid break, and/or lock status can be edited.

Once saved, the Override badge will appear next to the site within the schedules tab. Admins can also click Unset Schedule Override to revert the employee back to the site default schedules.

In the case of an override, the override schedules will now appear for that site, when the employee is entering their absence or an administrator is entering it on their behalf.

Note: Only administrators with the "Edit Schedules" permission can override employee schedules. Employees, and Administrators without the "Edit Schedules" permission cannot override schedules.

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