How to create a linked account

This is a step-by-step guide on how to create a dual account. The example below is for an employee and substitute.

You can skip step 1 if the primary account has been created and step 2 if the secondary account has been created.

1. Create an employee account using the user’s valid email address.

2. Once the Primary account is created, repeat the steps to create the Secondary Account using the employees normal format for the email with the following ending: – So if your employee is John Smith and they work at Bowie High their email would be something like this:

3. Make sure to activate both accounts (each account must be active in order to link).

4. Once the accounts are activated, navigate to Users > Browse Users and locate the Primary account (valid email address).

5. From the primary account click Settings > Linked Accts > Link Accounts.

6. Search for the Secondary Account in whichever account type field is being linked to the Primary (substitute, employee, administrator). Click Link.

7. The linked user will then be able to access both accounts by logging in and hovering over their name and clicking Switch to.

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